Got Stress? Then read on!

For people with autoimmune conditions, however, stress wreaks havoc on the microbiome. That, in turn, can set off a flare-up. An autoimmune flare-up is always stressful and thus a nasty cycle is created. There is good news! This cycle can be slowed down or stopped. Before we get there, let us look a bit closerContinue reading “Got Stress? Then read on!”

What is the link between autoimmune disease and mental illness?

So what does the microbiome have to do with autoimmunity and mental health? Contrary to the original model that all neurotransmitters are made in the brain, many of the neurotransmitters that control emotions are created via the microbiome. Ninety percent of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which regulates our sense of well-being and lowers anxiety, comes fromContinue reading “What is the link between autoimmune disease and mental illness?”

What you need to know about the link between autoimmune issues and mental health

Autoimmune disease is diagnosed when the immune system becomes overactive and starts attacking parts of your own body as though it were an invader. There are currently 80 identified autoimmune conditions, and they can run the spectrum from mild to dire.  While an autoimmune diagnosis is plenty to deal with on its own, it isContinue reading “What you need to know about the link between autoimmune issues and mental health”

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