Mental Health and Wellness

What is mental health nutrition?

It is looking for possible dietary imbalances that may be a contributing factor to how you feel. We know how we eat directly impacts how we feel. “You are what you eat” has a nugget of truth to it. We now know that 80% of our serotonin is created in our digestive tract. It is imperative to have a healthy gut flora to feel your best. Through some dietary tweaks, we can improve the environment so that the good bacteria thrive and lower the number of problematic bacteria.

It’s not a replacement for therapy, nor am I a therapist. My role is to help you is to look at your diet and see areas that may some adjusting. For example, gluten can be highly problematic for many people, causing them to feel depressed.

Many antidepressants or anti anxiety medicine can cause vitamin or mineral deficiencies. However, the benefits to these medicines is lifesaving. I will never tell you what to take or change; that is between you and your medical provider. However, I am glad to offer suggestion on how to supplement to the various potential deficiencies.

It’s all interconnected!

Our bodies’ functioning is interconnected on all levels. What we think and how we feel effects how well we digest food. And what is happening on our digestive tract has an impact on our mood.

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