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After dealing with hideous pain due to an autoimmune condition, I was able to get significant relief in changing my diet. A friend introduced me to the autoimmune protocol (AIP) version of the paleo diet. This friend had success following this diet, and she walked alongside me as I made these changes to my eating patterns. And now, I want to offer that support to you!
I offer nutrition consulting, specializing in autoimmune issues. If you are struggling with an autoimmune condition and are wondering how diet can help, please get in touch for a free 30 minute initial consult. I meet clients in person and virtually via Skype or Zoom.

So why the name Caippuccino? There’s a few reasons behind it. One, I love coffee! It was a happy day when I was able to successfully reintroduce it back into my diet.
The second reason: I envision my sessions as though I am having coffee (or tea) with a friend. It’s low stress and I want to form relationships with my clients.
Finally, I wanted a way to incorporate the AIP into the name, and I thought this was a memorable way to do so.

Menu Planning and Nutrition Counseling

Getting diagnosed with an autoimmune condition is overwhelming in itself. Then trying to figure out how to make food and lifestyle changes to accommodate for this new phase of life would bewilder anyone.

That’s where I come in! Depending on your needs and goals, I can help with menu planning, meal prepping and nutritional consulting.

Free preliminary 30 minute phone consultation! This give you a time to discuss your needs and goals and how we can best work together.

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